What we were asked to do

 Develop an over-arching and on-going events strategy for Fleetcor’s Allstar brand of fuel cards

 Help Allstar boost the effectiveness of their B2B events by developing a creative idea that could be leveraged for leads, content, PR and CRM

 Build a strategic framework that could be replicated for other fuel card brands managed by Fleetcor

What challenged us

 Developing a creative strategy that could engage and excite whilst also remaining conservative and lead focused. At the same time this had to be structured in a way that could allow the business to phase it in gradually

 Developing a clear brand message for Allstar. This had until now been a purely product focused proposition, made more difficult with the introduction of a wider range of product benefits and features

 Settling upon a message that could be communicated with confidence as the company moved on from a recent knock in customer satisfaction caused by a pricing change

What we did

 Used the Brand Experience Framework to guide our joint working sessions and agency work

 Developed “More than meets the eye with Allstar” as a way of turning our problem (a multitude of intangible product benefits that customers were often unaware of) into our solution

Created a range of interactive ideas that brought our message to life, would draw footfall to our activity and actively capture leads

What we achieved

 Produced an integrated events strategy that featured 6 tiered concepts with associated pre-promotion, lead capturing activities, digital amplification, CRM follow-up opportunities and suggested PR angles

 Allstar selected and rolled out concepts to great success

 Variety of industry press secured off the back of the new strategy

What Fleetcor said

“Working with Bright is an enlightening process. Through a series of stages, they take you and your organisation on a journey that brings clarity and direction to achieving your goals. Coaching, questioning and guidance helps you come to the right creative solution. I love working with them and would recommend this process to any organisation looking for clarity or creative direction.”

Catherine Petherbridge, Head of Marketing Communications, Fleetcor