What we were asked to do

 Design a spectrum of POS solutions for different budgets

 Draw attention to the product’s thermal imaging capabilities

 Communicate the product’s suitability for tradespeople

What challenged us

 Distilling a relevant message from so many diverse uses and job types which the thermal imaging technology was applicable to

 Bringing the thermal imaging technology to life often without the use of the handset

 Creating a variety of designs which would work across different markets with different needs

What we did

 Created a final portfolio of 8 designs for real and dummy handsets as well as options for without

Safely concealed heated components within one POS to give users a real opportunity to uncover heat within the display by using the handset

Used heat reactive material that reveals an image when a shopper places their hand on the POS

Used zig-zagging panels to cost-effectively present both a thermal image and an ordinary version

Created shelf-wobblers which show shoppers both a thermal image and an ordinary display when they move from side to side

Encouraged shoppers to get hands on with the POS with an interactive cube which could be opened up to reveal thermal messaging