What we were asked to do

Raise awareness of Dyson Cinetic technology
Generate deeper understanding of product value
Encourage quality product trial
Achieve direct sales

What challenged us

Breaking down a complex message into one that was relevant & understandable
Finding an on-budget site that met our demographic, space and footfall standards which was available during a specific time window
Balancing our activation between competing marketing and sales objectives
Working to a short lead time

What we did

Structured messaging into 3 stages (problem, explanation & solution) & ordered the pop-up in this way, with interactive activities to match


A giant ‘Cinetic 4’ game represented a filter that participants clogged with allergens as they played. A parallel area featured a sticky wall that families could stick allergens to and a microscope that was used to view real dust mites


An eye-catching Cinetic cyclone communicated the movement of the tips by vibrating under the feet of participants when they stood inside. A cross-section of a machine allowed participants to see deep inside and touch the Cinetic tips for themselves


To demonstrate the superiority of Dyson Cinetic, one was placed within an impactful display communicating the 10 year life cycle of the product. A trial area at the back encouraged people to get hands-on by releasing a potentially prize-winning ball down a central cyclone for every trial that took place

To drive footfall to the popup, a promotional video was recorded and used across social media, along with support arranged with the shopping centre

User-generated content taken in the popup and posted to social media using our hash tag were automatically printed on-site as a memento and boosted overall awareness of the activity and Cinetic

What we achieved


Met each of the objectives set by Dyson


Sales covered significant proportion of project cost (sales figures and costs are confidential)


Participants displayed desired increase in understanding of Cinetic messaging

What Dyson said

“Working with Bright on our brand experience strategy has been fantastic. By mixing creativity and strategy with a careful understanding of our brand and products, they’ve taken our events to another level. Our working sessions are always fun and I’d recommend them to any brand who wants help integrating experience into their strategy.”

Brand Manager, Dyson