What we were asked to do

 Develop a flexible event concept that could work for three different retailer events with different footprints, audiences and needs

 For Currys the event had to persuade Store Managers of the need to push Dyson cordless products

 For Tesco there was a need to introduce front-line sales staff to the cordless range and educate them on their relevance to consumers

 For Hughes the main objective was to sell products directly to consumers

What challenged us

 Creating a single concept that could be easily modified to work in three different footprints with different product configurations and messages

 Developing a compelling message for the Currys Store Managers beyond simple product information that they would have already been familiar with

 Getting as many visitors to our stand in the very limited period of time set aside for the exhibition portion of the events

What we did

 Decided that the best way to engage Currys Store Managers was to speak to them about revenue opportunity. So developed a creative idea based on them ‘cleaning up their share’ of the revenue potential

 Created a Kids’ party room with a device on the ceiling that showered delegates with confetti. They then had to compete with each other to see who could clean up the biggest share

 Placed the Currys messaging on sections of the set, which were removed for the other events. This allowed us to have a simpler message for Tesco and Hughes as well as fit into the reduced site sizes

 Created different giveaways for each event. Currys Store Managers received branded conference folders and Tesco Tech Teams received product range guides with branded sweets

What we achieved

Sold 10 products per hour at Hughes (169 in total)

Awarded ‘Most interactive’ brand at the event by Hughes

At all times had products in the hands of participants whilst the events were live

Demonstrated to every Currys Store Manager in the short window available and provided the platform for Regional Development Managers to build better relationships

Achieved 100% of possible interactions from Tesco Tech Teams

What Dyson said

“Excellent. Great work and support from Bright again, thanks – it’s always a pleasure working with you.”

Divisional Training Manager, Dyson