What we were asked to do

Educate Currys staff on the key differences between products in the V6 range
Develop a relevant message which would engage a difficult ‘know-it-all’ audience
Prove to Currys the efficacy of an investment in experience based learning

What challenged us

Condensing and making intelligible a huge amount of product information
Giving participants a fresh experience that would add to their existing knowledge without contravening the ‘Dyson way’
Transforming bland hotel function rooms into an immersive spaces that Dyson could own

What We Did

Created the ‘Dyson RDD Experience’ to give participants a behind-the-scenes insight into the thinking and ingenuity which made each of the products what they are

Spoke with Dyson engineers to get details, practices and stories which could be woven into an authentically inspired, stage by stage experience

Went to every length to make the experience as immersive as possible by blacking out all walls, controlling room access and insisting upon a registration featuring NDAs, name badges, engineering notepads and a briefing video

Unveiled one-by-one, from underneath blackout sheets, RDD environments to match each of the 4 products being showcased and had participants use microscopes, dismantle products, handle the inner workings of machines and put them through their paces

What we achieved

Awarded best brand of the tour
by Currys

Feedback score by participants using an independent and confidential feedback system
Increase of product knowledge between pre and post participation

What Dyson said

“Bright exceeded my expectations and aspirations. I was thrilled with the execution, commitment and support they provided throughout the process. The attention to detail was exceptional.

Bright had the ability to work through challenges, while also keeping all stakeholders engaged and committed at every stage.. The Roadshow also received glowing feedback from the retailer colleagues who attended.

Divisional Training Manager, Dyson