What we were asked to do

Generate deeper understanding of the product’s value
Encourage dwell in order for Account Teams to engage
Demonstrate the support for retailers that Dyson provides

What challenged us

Standing out from other brands vying for the attention of delegates
Creating an interactive activity that communicated product messages whilst appealing to a conservative audience
Distilling the various product benefits (versatility, light weight, power, range of tools and the story of the new V6 motor) into a digestible, coherent message
Achieving our objectives and accommodating a comprehensive line-up of products within a small footprint
Working to a short lead time and limited budget

What we did

Identified different messages for 2 different event types. For Curry’s and Tesco training events – versatility and usage occasions. For the Euronics independent retailers exhibition – power and the V6 motor

At the training events, participants experienced the versatility and light weight of the product by using it flexibly as they were filmed and transformed into a branded flicker book

To engage delegates at the Euronics independent retailers’ event with the power of the V6 motor and cyclones, delegates stepped into a giant cyclone game and used the V6 to capture as many items as possible within the time limit

Created an iPad based data capture and order form for use by delegates

Fully managed every aspect of our presence at each event, from stand design, production and build to venue and on-site management.

What we achieved

Met each of the objectives set by Dyson

Word of mouth regarding our presence spread around the exhibitions with other delegates saying they had specifically come to visit after hearing about what we were doing

Theatre on the stands drew crowds and encouraged dwell, meaning representatives from Dyson fully maximised their presence on site

Delegates were enthused by the V6 product and agreed that they better understood how to sell this in to the end consumer

What Dyson said

“The great thing about working with Bright is that they are not only great at execution, the end result is a collaborative idea with every detail coming back to the original objectives. It’s the difference between working with an agency that makes things look pretty and one that fundamentally understands what the project needs to do for the business.”

Customer Marketing Manager, Dyson