What we were asked to do

Generate sales of the Dyson V6 range

 Communicate how the V6 range could be purchased as an additional vacuum for the home

 Design a set that could appropriately expand and reduce to fit the varied environments that were required

 Drive footfall to the live sites to maximise potential

What challenged us

 Creating an experience which balanced sales functionality with the theatre and interactivity needed to grab attention

 Planning a schedule which delivered on demographics, footfall, affordability, availability, site size and surrounding store appropriateness despite the busy festive period

 Managing stock from delivery and storage to recording and replenishment

What we did

 Designed an experience that encouraged consumers to get hands-on with the products across different home scenarios with varied surface types at different levels

 Added a ‘confetti cube’ room which created a footfall driving spectacle as people vacuumed up the paper that blew around the room

 Used floor media, flyering and exclusive offers for centre staff to drive further footfall to the experience

 Created interactive displays which created mess as shoppers lifted products from their dock

 Created a series of videos that were featured in publications such as Stylist and also spread socially via a network of different social accounts and platforms

What we achieved

Achieved 99% of the ambitious on-site, direct sales target

Made over 22,000 customer interactions

Hit over 85,000 video content views

What Dyson said

“Bright enabled us to deliver a truly unforgettable experience for consumers. Their respect and knowledge of our brand as well as trends in the market have enabled them to work creatively, whilst also carefully considering the effect on our overall business strategy. Their passion enabled us to achieve fantastic results for our Christmas Roadshow and helped us to set the global standard for pop up events. Bright’s diligence and attention to detail suited our brand requirements perfectly, whilst their affability have made working with them a genuine pleasure.”