What we were asked to do

Generate sales of the Dyson V6 range
Communicate the benefits of the V6 range to a skeptical audience through trial
Develop a test for further investment in live road shows

What challenged us

Distilling the various product benefits (versatility, light weight, power, range of tools) into a clear, relevant message
Designing an experience which balanced on-site sales with marketing messages
Remaining flexible and making changes as requested by the marketing, events and sales teams as the Roadshow progressed
Practical considerations surrounding stock management, power limitations, storage constraints, faulty products and technical difficulties outside of our control

What we did

Designed an experience that encouraged consumers to get hands-on with the products across 4 different home scenarios with varied surface types at different levels
Added surprise hatches that could be flipped by staff to mimic unexpected mess that could be quickly cleaned up
Created a simple Instagram amplification competition which encouraged participants to make their own content which was used by Dyson and the venues to drive footfall to the stand
Filmed vox pops video early on at each of the 4 locations that was quickly edited, uploaded to YouTube and leveraged online to drive further footfall and trial
Created an easy-to-use digital evaluation system that staff could use to feed back on the successes and opportunities for improvement within the Roadshow

What we achieved

Direct sales achieved & negotiated permissions to retail in each of the centres

Drove a wider increase in sales at near-by retailers and online

Visitors to our stand across 4 locations

Dyson have now committed to tripling the investment in the activity and rolling out a bigger Roadshow just months later