What we were asked to do

 Get Elizabeth Arden Gelato products into the hands and on the lips of our audience

 Create as much reach as possible with a limited budget by amplifying on social media

 Provide Elizabeth Arden with the opportunity to engage key publications with the new products

What challenged us

 Creating an environment that reassured and encouraged customers to try products without the luxury of a dedicated, hired space

 Developing a highly mobile operation that could move on quickly if challenged by authorities or land owners

 Creating an experience that excited and inspired customers to share social content with a limited budget

What we did

 Created a highly mobile and eye-catching gelato bike inspired by the product names

 Developed user-generated photo and content opportunities and encouraged sharing in exchange for cute branded gelato

 Researched, planned and executed a schedule of locations for meeting our audience in the right place at the right time

 Scheduled to be at key magazine publications so that Elizabeth Arden PR team could strengthen key relationships with journalists

What we achieved

Achieved at least 103,180 social reach based on confirmed posts

Distributed 1,500 frozen gelato

Conducted 1,170 quality trials