What we were asked to do

Develop a strategy for how The Unlimited Company could begin experimenting with events

Get as much exposure for the brand as possible with a limited budget

What challenged us

Having the foresight and flexibility to create a strategy and design that would change over time to respond to evolving needs

Planning a schedule which delivered on relevance, demographics, footfall, affordability, availability and site size

What we did

Identified, segmented and booked a variety of event types to test – trade, health, sponsorship and consumer

Designed, built and delivered a re-usable, easy to build event kit which had the flexibility to be used across different spaces and for different purposes

Significantly reduced the expected running costs of the events by designing the set to be transported, built and run by brand staff

Incorporated changeable graphics, product, data capture, storage, screens, mobile charging points and darkened recesses used to display light based sensory products

Helped build an engaged community by asking visitors and the wider audience on social media to submit ideas for products they wanted to see made real. #UnlimitedIdeas is now an ongoing conversation with the audience both in person and online

What we achieved

Answered previously outstanding questions such as which event types to attend, what approach to take and which components of the stand should be used over others for next year

An estimated 1,393 engaged conversations with the specific target audience

Outstanding staff satisfaction in feedback

What The Unlimited Company said

“..To follow..”